ECS Community Program
ECO Cartridge Store
11316 NE 124th St
Kirkland, WA 98011


Community Empty Cartridge Buyback Program

  1. ECO Cartridge Store buys empty INKJET cartridges with integrated print-heads (most HPs, Dells, and Lexmarks) for $2.00 each.  These do not include Epsons, Brothers, and most Canons which do not have printheads.
  2. We match prices paid for empty LASER cartridges by two national collection programs, Cartridges for Kids or Kartridges for Kidz.  Simply choose ONE program for the price match. 

There are several ways you can earn money for collecting empties.

  1. Collect empty cartridges.  We have a collection bin available.
  2. Collect ECO Cartridge Store credits when Parents, Students, and Teachers purchase qualifying cartridges from our store. Be sure to mention the P.T.A. at time of purchase and the P.T.A. will be receive $2.00 cash for each qualifying ink cartridge refill purchased.


If there are any cartridges that are NOT on the list, we can still recycle them so don’t throw them in the garbage!

Almost all cartridge collections will only pay for virgin LASER cartridges that have not been previously filled.  We will still pay $2 for print-head integrated INKJET cartridges even though they have been previously refilled, however they are subject to inspection for possible damages that might render it unusable.

LASER cartridge core values may change without notice!  Please check for updated lists at or at

Payments are made payable to the P.T.A. or similar non-profit group or the person in charge of cartridge collection program within that group.  We usually have a check ready within 24hrs and can hold it for pick-up or mailed.

Thank you very much for participating in our community recycling program.


Vic Swan – Owner